Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Studies In Longboard Dancing: The 'Walkup' & 'Walkdown'

Figure 01: Walkup and Walkdown moves.

I don't know if this has a name, but a "Walkup" is what I'll call it. When done reversed, I call it a "Walkdown", because the rider walks down the board. Of course, the longer the board - the more steps that can be done. Two and three steps is how many can be done on a standard 46"-48" inch board. Walkups and Walkdowns can be done in all four stances; normal, switch, fakie and fakie-switch.

If we speak of a Peter Pan category of moves, then there is too a "Walk- moves" category, where almost all Peter Pan moves have a Walk- counterpart. Indeed, Walkups and Walkdowns can be thought of as the mirror of Peter Pans, and are compatible with most tricks that Peter Pan moves flow well with. Figure 02 is an example of how a Walkdown can be put to very good use, making the repetition of the eight Heelside Cross Steps more fluid. Illustrated here is the common Heelside Cross Step:

Figure 02: Cross Step Walkdown variations.

There's eight variations of Heelside Cross Steps depending on stance (normal, switch, fakie and fakie-switch), and followingly there's eight of these. They can all be looped. When done quickly, it looks like a sort of Hip Hop Line dance.


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