Saturday, February 7, 2015

Studies in Longboard Dancing: Blending Cross Steps and 180 Steps – part 02


Continuing from part 01 of this topic, this article purpose is twofold: (1) exploring how to incorporate other tricks when blending Cross Steps and 180 Steps, (2) and other clever ways of blending Cross Steps and 180 Cross Steps.

Blending into Toeside Reverse 180 Step

Figure 01

Figure 01 is divided into four sections, where the first illustrates a Toeside Reverse 180 Step (TSR180S). The second section illustrates a Heelside Cross Step to TSR180S. Rather than complete the last step, the rider can do a cropped/shorter version of a Switch Cross Step to TSR180S, or any of the shorter moves (but in Switch) indicated by purple in Figure 01. After the shorter version is done in Switch, the same shorter version move, or another, can be done, thus blending the Cross Step, Peter Pan and Cross Step Sexchange moves listed Figure 01 in an endless dancing line. The dancing line can start with any of the full moves, and then continue with the cropped versions of those moves, alternating between switch and normal stance – or be done riding backwards, which would be alternating between Fakie stance and Fakie-Switch stance. For example: “HS Cross Step to TSR180S > cropped Switch HS Cross Step to TSR180S > cropped Peter Pan to TSR180S > full HS Cross Step Sexchange to TSR180S”.

The Toeside Reverse 180 Step was just one instance of this type of blending. It can be done with all sixteen 180 Step moves, with varying compatibility and limitations between variants of moves.


Figure 02

Counter to the variants in the Part 01article, the blending can be done with the 180 Step first, then followed by a Cross Step move. As illustrated in Figure 02, a very compressed TS 180 Step is done, followed by a Switch HS Cross Step. Then the same thing is done in Switch stance to return the rider to Normal stance. This kind of blending too can be with all sixteen 180 Step moves, with varying compatibility and limitations in according to the sixteen Cross Step variants.

Figure 03

Figure 03 illustrates the blending of an Inward 180 (aka: Fakie-Switch HS 180 Step), a Switch HS Cross Step, a Sexchange, then ended with a TS Cross Switch Step. Figure 03’s move is a blend of three basic moves, rather than just two, as all the previous here-documented blends. This dancing line has four exact-looking variants that are only different by stance: Normal, Switch, Fakie and Fakie-Switch stance. There are literally over a thousand, if not more, of possible blends. More complex blends require a board longer than 48” inches, because the feet run out of space on boards of lesser length. There are techniques to overcome limited space, which will be explicated in later articles. Anyway, go make your own blends and share them online!

Keep Dancin!

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