Thursday, February 26, 2015

SiLD: Walkup Cross Steps & Walkup Cross Switch Steps

The following set of moves is an excellent example of blending basic moves to create far more complex ones. Also, it implies that all dancing moves and lines/combos have four variants that are identical except for stance orientation.


Walkup Cross Steps (WCS) are a two-step blended with a Cross Step, whereas Walkup Cross Switch Steps (WCSS) are a blend of a Walkup with a Cross Switch Step.  WCS and WCSS differ mainly by (1) the initial carve orientation of the first foot-step, and (2) by stance orientation WCS end in the same stance, and WCSS end in a stance opposite to the initial.

Figure 01

Both moves are essentially the same save for beginning Toeside and Heelside. As a set, they are similar to “Pan Cross Steps” & Pan Cross Switch Steps” set, and Chop Cross Steps & Chop Cross Switch Steps” set. 

Note in the chart below that, for instance, a Walkup Cross Step’s reversed version is called a “Reverse Cross Step Walkup” because it is a Reverse Cross Step followed by a Walkup.

WCS & WCSS Chart

Walkup Cross Steps
Walkup Cross Switch Steps
Walkup Cross Step
Walkup Cross Switch Step
Switch Walkup Cross Step
Switch Walkup Cross Switch Step
Fakie Walkup Cross Step
Fakie Walkup Cross Switch Step
Fakie-Switch Walkup Cross Step
Fakie-Switch Walkup Cross Switch Step
Reverse Cross Step Walkup
Reverse Cross Switch Step Walkup
Switch Reverse Cross Step Walkup
Switch Reverse Cross Switch Step Walkup
Fakie Reverse Cross Step Walkup
Fakie Reverse  Cross Switch Step Walkup
Fakie-Switch Reverse Cross Step Walkup
Fakie-Switch Reverse Cross Switch Step Walkup


For variety, the Walkup can be replaced by a Walkdown, so that the table above can be duplicated and modified with the subheadings "Walkdown Cross Steps" and "Walkdown Cross Switch Steps".

Like Cross Steps and Cross Switch Steps, the last two foot-steps can carve [TS,TS], [HS,HS], [TS,HS], or [HS,TS]. For the Reverse variants, this applies to the first two foot-steps.

The WCS and WCSS can be modified just like Cross Step and a Cross Switch Step respectively, because they end like them. So, if there’s a Cross Step Sexchange, then there’s a Walkup Cross Step Sexchange; a Cross Step Walkdown and a Walkup Cross Step Walkdown - and so on. As is natural to moves that are similar to Cross Steps, they can be blended in various ways with 180 Step and Cross Step moves.

Keep Dancin!

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