Monday, December 29, 2014

Studies in Longboard Dancing: The Sixteen 180 Steps

Toeside 180 Steps

With eight variations in total, there's a lot of unpredictable spinning and alternating that can be done to make spectators stumble from dizziness:

Figure 01

Some of the TS 180 Step variations work more like HS 180 Steps, in the sense that they are HS 180 Steps whose footsteps have been reversed (Figure 01). It is likewise for Heelside 180 Steps and their 'Reverse-' variants.

Heelside 180 Steps

The Heelside 180 Step works the same way as the Toeside 180 Step: 8 stance variations, and a normal and reverse type (Figure 02):

Figure 02

Using the 180 Steps

The rider can perform combos that fluidly loop 180 Steps of the same carve orientation. The loops can be done endlessly, and either look like the ride is either smoothly swirling or moving pendular. The most popular swirling combo is "Toeside 180 Step > Fakie Toeside 180 Step > ∞". The most popular pendular combo is "Toeside 180 Step > Switch Toeside 180 Step > ∞".

Not adhering to 180 Steps of the same orientation results in having to wait one carve interval before executing the next 180 Step. For example, "Toeside 180 Step > Switch Heelside 180 Step > ∞". In order to preserve flow and not waste carve intervals, it's better to convert the combo into this: 
"Toeside 180 Step > Fakie Toeside Cross Step > Switch Heelside 180 Step > Fakie-Switch Heelside Cross Step > ∞". This is an instance of blending Cross Step and 180 Step moves.

Keep Dancin'! ☺

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