Wednesday, November 6, 2013


As it has been noted, I tend to try out whatever drawing style I feel like, changing with the seasons. Henceforth, however, I'm gonna dedicate most of my efforts to the three drawing styles below. They're recurring favorites and have a lot of potential for really impressive work to be produced.

 The first style is currently being used for Concept 43. It's the most flat animate-cartoon looking of the three. I plan to go more minimalistic with it.

  This style really conveys intense emotions like fury very well, and so I use it mostly for fan-art of tough masculine characters - as found on my Deviantart gallery. I've recently gotten interested in hand-drawn animation, and plan to experiment with it for some GIF animations I'll be posting here in a few weeks time.

The most realistic of the three. It's sort of what I did on the Marobothi concept, and more so with Concept 22. I have many exciting ideas to use it to update the afore-named concepts. Please stay tuned! (´∀`)/**

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