Friday, November 15, 2013

CONCEPT 22: Fiore's Flamethrower - profile

Finally, Fiore's flamethrower has been precisely articulated!!!

For a while the design sort of varied in earlier works when I was just sketching the broad strokes of this concept, but now I know what it looks like and will have to make a 3D model of it to use as reference when drawing difficult dynamic poses.

The weapon is custom made by an Japanese gunsmith, and is therefore the only one of its kind. Initially, Concept 22 had a steam-punk setting, but I decided to take the theming in a different direction because of the evolution of ideas for the background story. As seen here and below, the original design was more ornate with smoother forms and steam-punk motifs:

Also, because I recently created a story for this concept, I had to age Fiore down by a couple of years - SHE'S 17 NOW! :O ...more on this later, but trust me; it's for a greater good! Uhuhu.. (*・ω・)ノ

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