Saturday, September 21, 2013

CONCEPT 43: Character Line-up (1/3)

So I've managed to produce a character line-up from the previous illustration for the role-playing video-game concept I mentioned. I'll produce two more for two other select-able teams, just to give an idea of the variety in the game's world.

Synopsis: From years ago when a genetically re-engineered dinosaurs threatened mankind's existence with an airborne virus that is now believed to have ended the prehistoric age of the giant lizards.
The remaining humans, naturally immune to the virus, sought shelter beneath the earth.
This is a squad from one of many cave-dweller colonies struggling to make a living in this post-apocalyptic dino-punk world. The necessity to acquire basic resources has given birth to an age of inter-colonial predatory competition, and where Man must leave the cave to face an ancient enemy more deadly than the harsh elements and terrifying giant monsters: Himself...
Duh duh duh du....mmm!

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