Wednesday, August 28, 2013


I have conceived this idea of an animated series based on South African content and context. A significantly big part of this concept is that the setting is a satire on an ethnic group - much like The Boondocks.
Aimed at middle-school children, I wanted to depict the exciting and unique aspects of their mundane lives. Almost all animated TV shows South African children watch are imported from overseas.
So I wanted to create an idea for a show that brings all the superhero, boy-adventure fantasy themes and embed them into something South African kids can relate to - to relate to more intimately than with a Japanese animation series dubbed in one of the indigenous languages.

Synopsis: Ten years before the story begins, a formless (somewhat gaseous) race of extra-terrestrials settles in southern Africa. As the related countries' stability is threatened by the creatures "possessing" machines and electronic equipment so as to have physical form.  Eventually, anthropomorphic husks are built for them, thus allowing for the creatures to integrate into society. The story revolves around a few characters and their mundane lives, as affected by living with "Marobothi" (= "Robots" in Zulu/Swazi).

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